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Business Ads | 6-1-23

Hearts and Voices: A journal for all who sing or write hymns. (See LINK or page 1 of attachment for more information and subscription costs). Our singing is important. How can we ensure that excellent hymnody will continue to bless this generation and future generations? Is it sufficient to sing only the tested and tried […]

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Business Ads | 5-16-23

New book for sale- ‘The Light at Evening’ (see LINK or page 1 of attachment) This is a history of the Nationwide Fellowship churches, beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960’s in western Canada. It recounts the beginning of churches scattered across the four western provinces, into northwestern United States and overseas to the […]

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Business Ads | 5-1-23

Gospel Signs North America desires to utilize one of the golden opportunities God has provided to share the message of salvation with everyone on this continent. Gospel signs are an investment in the Kingdom of God. Use the end of your driveway or the side of a building as a silent witness for the Word of […]

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