Plain Business Promotion

Business Ads – Mid February 2020

The Toner Tech | James Showalter ☛ – Need Toner or Ink—we sell it!  ☛ – For free Estimates, email your copier model, cartridge part number to ________________________________________________________________________________ CodeCrafters International Custom software can be a big investment, but it doesn’t have to be a risky one. That’s why we’ve built 10 specific safeguards into our process to […]

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Business Ads 2 – February 2020

Shank Biography Coming NEW BIOGRAPHY AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: The Things Which Become Sound Doctrine: The Life of Aaron M. Shank. Aaron Shank had an outsized influence on the 20th century conservative Mennonite church. In this biography, you will discover the leadership he provided with his passion for following Christ, for teaching sound doctrine, and for […]

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Business Ads – February 2020

CLP -20-02 Accounting4U 2019 VAN FOR RENT Mahantango Cottage Laurel Creek Lodge-Winter 2019-2020 _____________________________________________________________________________ PUPPIES FOR SALE: We offer F-1 Goldendoodles, AKC Collies, and AKC Havanese puppies. Raised on our farm near Broadway VA. Shipping available. Email:  Phone: 704.928.5599 _____________________________________________________________________________ See the attachment or link above to learn more about two new books […]

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