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Rattan Rockers from the Philipines

“We have been working with one of our sister churches in the Philippines, and trying to help them with a market for their handcrafted rattan rockers. The rattan rockers are very comfortable and well made. We at Countryside Woodcraft are looking for fellow believers that have a retail store where they would promote selling these rockers. Our goal is not to make money on these rockers, but develop a network of brothers that would have interest in helping sell these and in so doing bless their brothers of the Dumagat tribe way back in the mountains of the Philippines. The wholesale cost of the rockers are in the $150 range, which covers all costs, building them, shipping them from the Philippines, and storing them ready for you to pick up in Russell, MA, 01071.

If anyone has interest in helping sell rockers, feel free to email me at or call me (Jerald Reinford) on my cell phone at 413-297-6037.”


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