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Sattler Book

Rattan Rockers from the Philippines

December 2018 Full Color


The Toner Tech | James Showalter

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I Appeal to Scripture by Andrew V. Ste. Marie.  Disintegration threatened the nearly two-year old Anabaptist movement in 1526. Quarrelling individuals with bizarre theology and behavior threatened the movement’s stability; persecution threatened its existence. It was a moment of great crisis—and opportunity.

Engulfed in persecution, embroiled in doctrinal disputes, and lacking adequate leadership, the Anabaptist movement needed a compelling vision and a man to personify it.  God sent a man, Michael Sattler, to fill that role. His story is one of faith, courage, and conviction.  (Feel free to print the attached PDF and display it at your church or business.)

“Written for a popular audience, this biography of Michael Sattler is solidly grounded in the sources. The biography is enriched by selections from Sattler’s writings, giving the reader immediate access to his own voice. Its clarity of prose and passion communicates not only Sattler’s life, but also the spiritual implications his story has for Christians today.”

Edsel Burdge, Jr.

Research Associate, Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies


Mahantango Cottage

This is a great place for a honeymoon, anniversary or special occasion.

Located in Northern Dauphin County, Mahantango Valley this cottage offers a spacious porch, outdoor hot tub, patio with a firepit and pergola, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom with a jacuzzi and king size bed. A stocked trout stream flows in front of the cottage. Activities include fishing, hiking and kayaking. Kayak the stream to the Susquehanna River for a relaxing 4.5 mile adventure.

Reserve your Getaway.  Call: 717-692-2208

See link or attachment for pictures.


Rattan Rockers – Wholesale and/or retail - "We have been working with one of our sister churches in the Philippines, and trying to help them with a market for their handcrafted rattan rockers. The rattan rockers are very comfortable and well made. We are looking for fellow believers that have a retail store where they would promote selling these rockers. Our goal is not to make money on these rockers, but develop a network of brothers that would have interest in helping sell these and in so doing bless their brothers of the Dumagat tribe way back in the mountains of the Philippines. The wholesale cost of the rockers are $150 per rocker, which covers all costs, building them, shipping them from the Philippines, and storing them ready for you to pick up at 1010 East Maple Street, Lebanon, PA. For an appointment to buy rockers wholesale or retail, call Eugene Fox at 717-821-6021 or email Eugene at    See the link above or the attachment for more information.

Any questions, feel free to email me at or call me (Jerald Reinford) on my cell phone at 413-297-6037.”


ABC SHOP – Used Books, Used Book Auction, Audio Books

We are offering selections of used books to our email contact list from time to time throughout the year.

We plan to hold a used book auction in Arthur, IL on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

By sending us an email, your name will automatically be added to our email contact list, and you will receive our used book lists as they become available as well as full catalog and information for the January auction (absentee bids will be accepted).

See the December link above for more details.

PO Box 225, Arthur, IL 61911




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