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Teak Lawn Furniture

Consider supporting Anthony Stutzman and his family, from Tabio, Colombia, by buying teak lawn furniture, either wholesale or retail. Anthony Stutzman is part of the Nationwide Fellowship Church that has been recently planted in Colombia, South America. The church families there are struggling financially to get established in the new culture and country. While on a visit in March 2018, I (Jerald Reinford from Russell, MA) visited in Anthony’s home and heard a bit how he was struggling with getting his business established, and began to ask questions about potentially selling his product in United States, since labor and materials are far cheaper in Colombia.
A long story short, I was able to make connections with Eugene Fox of Lebanon, PA who has a beautiful remodeled barn that is set up for storage and retail, and is ready to be the distributor for Anthony Stutzman. If you have questions regarding the product, you may reach out to Eugene Fox. His contact info is on the attached pdf. My contact info is or 413-297-6037, but I am only helping it get off the ground by making connections, and giving ideas, and am not part of the business at all. My personal vision and goal is to see more churches become established in other cultures and saw this as one small way to help to that end.
If you have interest in selling teak lawn furniture, but don’t have money to invest in it, ask Eugene about the option of selling on commission, where you don’t need to lay out the money, but then pay Eugene at the point of sale. He is offering that option to some dealers.

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