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The Facemask Design 2 that we sent out yesterday had some wrong measurements.

Our subscriber writes:
The designer of this pocketed face mask apologizes, but the measurements on her pattern are wrong! If you cut out the patterns just the way it prints out, you will be fine. Otherwise, the measurements have been corrected and are on this new copy. The 9 1/2" should be 7 1/2" instead...
The masks should be made out of  100% cotton (Tropical Breeze cottons are okay) and the strings should extend about fourteen inches beyond the edge of the mask. If you have bias tape available, that can work very nicely.

Instead of sewing an edging the whole way along the top and bottom, you can make a slightly smaller mask by stacking the lining piece right side up, then the pocket right side up, then the front piece right side down.
Sew along the top and bottom with overlocking machine then turn inside out through the end, giving you a finished edge top and bottom. Finish the side edges however you wish. The ends of the ties can be tucked under the edge of the pocket and topstitched to the corner and well tacked.
We are sorry for any confusion that you may have experienced.
"It is certainly more blessed to make masks than to need them."

Facemask Design 2 - Corrected

Mask Design 2 - Pictures


A subscriber in western Pennsylvania made a few masks like we published over the weekend and took them to a nurse practitioner who needs them at a local urgent care facility.

Our subscriber writes:
The nurse practitioner I met with thought our first design was "a bit bulky" around the sides and she provided us with a design that she is making for herself.   
This design is more fun to make and the nurses like it because the N-95 masks can fit inside the pocket. 
The little strip at the top of the inside pocket is to insert a twist tie for over the nose, but that is optional. 
This gives you a three layer mask but you can add more layers if you wish.  Our doctors prefer long tie strings rather than 1/4" elastic.
The more masks we can produce, the better! Freely pass this pattern on.


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