Facemask Design 3

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Here are some ladies who have offered to assist anyone with questions about making facemasks.
They are using a simple pattern that is in great demand at healthcare facilities.  The design is attached.

Rosalyn Wenger | glennwenger@emypeople.net | Phone calls only (717)694-3888
Rhonda Wenger | rhonda@sunandwind.xyz | Call or text: (717)329-2903

Facemasks Design 3


As published earlier...

Many medical centers across the USA (as well as other countries) have few facemasks in stock.  In New York city, some doctors are reusing the same masks all week and lathering them with sanitizer in between shifts.  They are calling on construction companies, woodworking shops, welders, etc. to donate dust masks and respirators. They are also asking people with sewing skills to make facemasks.  All items should be in new condition.

Masks are helpful because they block the sneeze and cough droplets that contain the viruses. The virus particles themselves can easily fit between the mask fibers, but virus particles do not normally hang out in the air by themselves, they are typically in a larger particle that hangs in the air (after being coughed or sneezed out) for a while before falling to the ground.

Additional recommendations for facemasks:

-Use breathable, tightly woven cotton fabric (or mostly cotton)
-If you can, use cotton flannel for the backing which helps to catch particles
-Or use HEPA vacuum bags for filters - the filters can trap 99.97% of airborne particles. You will need to make sure they are the washable kind.

If you do not have elastic:
Cloth strips:

---cut 4 cloth strips 1.25 in x 20 in. (or 14" long if attached on the side)
---Iron narrow hem on each side of strip
---fold strip in half
---sew with zigzag stitch
---place in corner (when get to step for loops) & follow instructions from there
---cut 20 in long, place in corner & follow instructions from there for finishing product.

(Some healthcare providers prefer ties instead of elastic)

In addition to needs in your own community, here are some places to donate to. All items should be in new condition.

Anthony and Christine Kreider (For distribution in New York City)
927 Harding Park
Bronx, NY 10473
Phone/Text: 717-222-9986
Email: anthony@arkprecision.com
Before you ship, please contact this couple to let them know how many you have to send.
We suggest sending them via USPS Priority Mail as they should arrive in 1-3 days.

All Jo-Ann Fabrics stores are accepting home-made face masks for distribution to healthcare workers. https://www.joann.com/make-to-give-response/
Many stores are supplying all the materials needed for free. All you need to do is sew them together.
Some Jo-Ann Fabric stores do not have any elastic in stock so they are substituting with a different product.
Jo-Ann Fabrics stores that are closed are still offering a place to drop-off masks.

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