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COVID-19 Face-mask Tract
We have produced a gospel tract the shape of a face-mask. The price is 20 cents each plus shipping.
To order or have a sample emailed to you:  | PDF Gospel Mask Tracts

You First Payroll
Full Payroll Services for the Plain Community with Integrity and Affordability
717-933-2468 |
Mention this ad and receive 10% off set up costs.

Tools for Businesses, Spouse, or Teacher
Many find our offline, filtered Wikipedia handy on a portable drive. Contains millions of encyclopedia articles (many new articles on Covid-19). Our Parents version includes most medical articles (not for children); our Teachers version is safe for teenagers.
Our Wiki Package grows & grows! Now includes free shipping software (Windows) via email without web connection, $5 monthly fee.
Electronics catalogs and Ag-related catalogs. 200 recent additions to Mennonite Encyclopedia.
Medical Pricing has added discounted pharmacy options, discount dental schools listed, discount lab tests & MRI scans, discount surgery centers.
4,200 public domain hymns in shaped notes, pdf sheets.
We have 100 open-source programs such as astronomy charts/software, sewing & embroidery, SweetHome3d 6.3 sketchup with 15 complete 3d house/shed plans and 2,500 components, 5 language translators, 150 Inkscape extensions, POS, etc.
Plus 5000 office clip arts, 240 LibreOffice Extensions, 1,050 creative fonts for designers.
Wiki Packages vary from $175 to $315.
CAD packages with 11,000 downloaded product libraries, samples, & specialty tools, tutorials/offline help; $200 to $350

Ask for pdf Brochure:

Custom Name Plates
When times are tough and sales are low, we are tempted to save money by cutting out the advertising. Moxie tried that in the great depression while Coke decided to keep advertising. I’ll bet you never heard of Moxie.
But not all advertising works. Nameplates work! How can you know? Learn to test your advertising. Contact Jon or Wendell for more information.
IdentiGrow by Blue Ridge Impressions, Inc. | PO Box 50 | Port Republic, VA 24471
Phone: 540-283-9193 | 540-283-9194 fax | email: See link: Custom Nameplates

Code Crafters International
In business, your orders are your lifeblood. We help business owners prevent misplaced orders, miscalculated quotes, missed deadlines, and missed opportunity. Contact CodeCrafters to discuss how you can protect and streamline your orders.  CodeCrafters Orders Lifeblood

We've seen mistakes in Excel spreadsheets cost businesses thousands of dollars. Has your business outpaced spreadsheets? Contact CodeCrafters to discuss whether you're ready for a business software solution.   CodeCrafters Excel Mistakes

In the past 25 years in software, much has changed. However the foundational principals of business are still the same. If there are ways that we at CodeCrafters can serve you, please call 620-209-4250 or email solutions@codecraftersintl.comCodeCrafters 25 Years

Stuck at home? Redeem the time with godly literature!
Call or write for a catalog or visit our website.
Sermon on the Mount Publishing, P.O. Box 246, Manchester, MI 48158. (734) 428-0488. | email:  | Newest Items from Sermon on the Mount Publishing

Evangelistic Literature from Grace Press
Are you looking for ways to reach out to your local community during the time that many people are staying home? Grace Press, Inc., of Ephrata, Pennsylvania publishes several volumes of the undated evangelistic magazine Path of Life as well as the booklet What Every Person Needs to Know which can be used for personal distribution or mailings. For more information or for free samples, call or write:
Grace Press, Inc. | 2175 Division Highway | Ephrata, PA 17522 | Phone: 717-354-0475 | Alternate: 717-669-1866

Christian Light Publications - New Books!
Life is different now, and we want to help.

  1. Ask for your free book catalog.
  2. Order books for yourself or your family.
  3. Enjoy happy times of reading and growing.

Christian Light is your conservative Anabaptist source for:

  • Storybooks for all ages
  • Activity books for children
  • Books for Christian discipleship

Phone: 1-800-776-0478 | Fax: 1-540-433-8896 | Website:  | Email:

COUPLES GETAWAY- Mahantango Cottage
This is a great place for a honeymoon, anniversary, or special occasion.
Located in Northern Dauphin County, Mahantango Valley, this cottage offers a spacious porch, outdoor hot tub, patio with a firepit and pergola, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom with a jacuzzi and king size bed. A stocked trout stream flows in front of the cottage. Activities include fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Kayak the stream to the Susquehanna River for a relaxing 4.5-mile adventure.
Reserve your Getaway. Call: 717-409-9884 | Mahantango_Cottage

Natural Hope Herbals LLC | GOOD HERBS for GOOD HEALTH
Is your family looking for information pertaining to herbs, health and homesteading? Sign up for “The Natural Hope Connection” and receive it FREE, 4 times per year. Choose either the print/mailed version by emailing or go to to sign-up for the E-newsletter. See link or attachment. Ladies Journal Magazine
Ben Stoltzfus | 670 Phillips Rd | Millersburg PA 17061 | Ph: 717.692.5100 | Fx: 717.692.5105 |

Colorado Grown CBD - Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
1000 Mg. $50 | 4000 Mg. $125 | Free Shipping
Joni Knox | 970-712-3278 | | Colorado Grown CBD

Baltic Coffee Company
Our family roastery is committed to providing you with coffee that is at the very peak of freshness. We carefully select beans from a variety of countries and roast them in small batches. Our goal is to have quality coffee to you as soon as possible after roasting. From the mountains of Colombia to the island of Sumatra, you can travel the world through our coffee. Enjoy one of the many delights of God's wonderful creation. -Weston & Heidi Showalter

209 E. Main Street | Baltic, OH 43804 | 330-260-6047 | |

Laurel Creek Lodge
We invite you to come and enjoy Laurel Creek Lodge, nestled away in a secluded, wooded area of beautiful Holmes County, Ohio. Whether you need a place for reunions, family gatherings, or events such as church and company outings or banquets, we offer a large house and a 3,600 sq. ft. lodge to host your group. Our facilities comfortably sleep 60 people in 13 bedrooms with 10 full-over-full bunk beds and 10 queen beds, making this a family-friendly place to stay.
Contact: Dwayne & Lois Stoltzfus | phone: 330.676.5300 | brochure: LCL_brochure
website: | email:

DYNA Firewood Processors provide excellent sideline income, both in machine rental and firewood sales. DYNA specializes in producing machines that are simple to operate and easy to maintain. Thousands of customers have chosen to own a DYNA.  | Flyer - Dyna Processors
Contact Noah | 231.660.7963 | | | 8440 State Rd, Millington, MI 48746

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