Should Christians Have Political Leanings?

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We have been collecting a number of articles written by Plain people on the question of whether Christians should be taking sides in politics. Christians may have personal views about which candidate they think would be better for this country, but should they vote? Should they attempt to persuade others concerning which candidate or which party they think is best for this country? Or should they let the Most High rule in the kingdoms of men?
As with many election seasons, politicians are saying that this election is one of the most important ones in the history of the United States. For some Plain people, the pressure is on. Even if they do not vote, they are still forming strong persuasions about which candidate would be the better one for this country.
The writers of the articles linked below help us view these questions and pressures from both historical and New Testament perspectives. I hope you will enjoy reading these articles on how followers of Jesus have thought about these issues over the centuries, and how they are thinking about these matters today. Perhaps the candidate who appears to be the better one for our state or our country, is not the one who will give true Christianity a better reputation throughout the world. Perhaps the candidate deemed more suitable will actually deter some people choosing to be part of the Kingdom of God. I believe that we as humans do not have a big enough picture of what God is doing in the world, (let alone what God is doing in the unseen world), to make wise judgments about who should run our governments. After all, according to Daniel 4:17, the Most High gives kingdoms to whoever he will and sets up the basest of men to rule them. If God is not concerned about getting the "better person" into power, why should we be concerned"? A friend recently listed some things he is praying for this season... I've added a few things to his list...

As followers of Jesus, we can pray for more kindness between neighbors. We can pray for less violence - locally and abroad. We can pray that God will raise up leaders with greater integrity. We can pray for justice for the poor and dispossessed. We can pray for a diminishing of greed and graft. We can pray for the care and protection of children. We can pray that fewer infants will be aborted. We can pray that the strangers and foreigners in our country will be welcomed, respected, and loved. We can pray for equity for all peoples, economic well-being for all, and good healthcare for everyone. We can pray that people will better care for the God's earth. We can pray for harmony and sharing between nations, greater peace, and ultimately that people will see Jesus for who He is.

Let's join together in bringing these requests to God's throne!

Ernest Eby
Managing Editor

What Jesus Refused To Do - Gary Miller
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