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Good afternoon subscribers,

A conservative Anabaptist acquaintance, Dr. John Waldron, has written a number of articles related to Covid-19 and vaccines. We are publishing them on Plain News with his permission. Plain News is not in position to verify every statement made in these articles. But in a general way, we think the information and suggestions are helpful. John has been a respected physician for 20 years and is currently a family doctor in central Virginia. He and his wife Elaine have five children.

We understand that you may have other healthcare folks that you trust, and if so, we are not offended if you differ with Dr. John. These articles are provided for subscribers who are glad for additional perspectives and resources during this pandemic.

And as always, you are welcome to forward the occasional email to anyone who you think may benefit.

Ernest Eby
Managing Editor

Outpatient COVID 19 Care
Vaccines and Pyrrhic Victories
The Science Behind Masks


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