Book Review: Eternity in Their Hearts

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Book Review: Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson

Book reviewer Joshua Martin writes...
"High in the misty Andes Mountains of Peru lies one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Macchu Picchu. Macchu Picchu was an iconic fortress built by Pachacuti, a 15th century king of the grandiose Inca Empire. Although Pachacuti excelled in architectural, administrative, and imperial work, one of his pursuits far outweighs any other: his quest for the true Creator. Pachacuti discovered the truth in ancient, dormant traditions within his own culture. The Incas had an 'almost extinct memory of Viracocha—the Lord, the omnipotent Creator of all things'. Pachacuti attempted to regain worship of the True Creator... This was a stunning accomplishment for someone cut off from the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. What fueled Pachacuti’s search for truth?"

The complete book review is linked here and also attached.

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