Are You A Missionary – AT HOME?

| August 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Attached/Linked is an article by Clyde Zimmerman challenging us to be missionaries to the people in our home communities rather than viewing mission work as something you must travel to do. Clyde presents the Salt & Light teaching program as a resource for the Anabaptist church to use in reaching the people around us. For years, Clyde has been involved in CAM's SALT Microfinance program which has provided thousands of people in low-income communities around the world with practical teaching on finances and the Bible. The Salt & Light program draws from CAM's years of experience in this area and adapts the SALT teaching for use in developed countries. Clyde lives in Altoona, PA with his wife Anna Mae and their family.

Plain News plans to publish several articles focused on how to spread the Kingdom of God and the love of the King in the towns and cities near us. If you are involved in ministry and would like to share an article with Plain News subscribers, please reach out to us and we will consider including your article in this series.

~Leonard Hege

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