Nationalism and Christianity

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Have you found yourself hoping that Ukrainian forces will have military victory over the Russian invaders?  Do you find yourself wishing the United States or NATO would offer more military aid to stop the Russian invaders? Do you have more compassion for suffering civilians who support Ukraine than suffering civilians who support Russia? Or do you have compassion for all people, and desire that all people will sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him?
Major wars like the one happening in Ukraine currently can surface all sorts of feelings and desires. The desire for justice is a God-given desire, yet the New Testament writers admonish us to let vengeance in the hands of God. We as Christian should want peace and to see swords turned into plowshares. We should wish life for all people, so that more people will have opportunity to repent and come to know the Savior.
If we could listen to the heartbeat of God, we might hear something like this. "All to be saved. None to perish. All to be saved. None to perish."  The world needs more people with the heart of Jesus.
The attached article by Mike Atnip is written with the aim of helping us sort out our allegiances and our values.

Nationalism and Christianity

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