A Question of Power

| October 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

Attached you will find an article by Dan Ziegler, titled, A Question of Power.

This article helps us think about the opportunities that Christians have in a world where nationalism is on the increase and many professing Christians are strengthening their call for all Christians to get involved in politics.

A few years ago one of my neighbors became quite active in trying to recruit the folks from my church to get involved in politics.  He pointed to a segment of the plain Anabaptist community in which larger numbers of people are voting for state and national politicians and thought I should follow their example.  I asked him if he is aware that there are many people who were onced involved in voting and politics, but no longer participate in these things based on the teachings of the New Testament.  He was not.  I was glad for resources such as Dean Taylor's book, A Change of Allegiance, to which I could point him. Hopefully this article will be yet another resource to strengthen this important concept of the historic Christian faith.

Ernest Eby | Managing Editor


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