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Prairie Butchering Supplies (see LINK or page 1 of attachment)
Are you looking for a way to do your own butchering?  Choose from a selection of quality LEM equipment; collagen, natural, cellulose, and fibrous casings; fresh sausage seasonings, bolognas & smoked sausage seasonings, and a variety of summer sausage, wiener, snack stick, jerky, marinade, and rub seasonings.  Need bulk seasoning mixes?  We offer bulk, 50 LB boxes of any seasoning mix listed in our catalogue.  We also carry over 30 different spices, including whole, cracked, and ground black pepper.  We also stock MRT Tender Quick, cures, including all-natural Veg-A-Cure, and bacon & ham curing brines.  We ship to Canadian customers only.
Call 204-772-7382, or email to request a catalogue or to place your order. US inquiries, please call Home Butchering Supplies @ 715-623-0055, or email them at
Pulse Innovations & Wellness (also, see LINK or page 2 of attachment)
Now offering Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field technology (PEMF). PEMF may provide relief for those with Lyme disease symptoms and muscle fatigue.  PEMF is thought to increase natural energy and enhance the body’s natural recovery process.
PEMF may:
   • Reduce Inflammation
   • Improves energy
   • Oxygenates Cells
   • Promotes Healing
   • Reduces Pain
For more info or to schedule an appointment, call Kelley Crider R.N. at 717-360-2791
Cumberland Valley Parochial Medical Center 411 S. Fayette St. Shippensburg, Pa. 17257
Subscribe to Plain Communities Business Exchange (PCBE) to receive a monthly business magazine consisting of 400+ pages filled with articles and advertisements catering towards the conservative Anabaptist communities. (see LINK or page 3 of attachment)
Our mission is to provide plain communities with Kingdom-focused business teachings and helpful connections through a monthly print magazine.
Some of the things you’ll find in PCBE.

  • Ongoing series of Leroy Martin’s travels to Latin America.
  • Articles with useful business advice.
  • Interviews with unique and interesting businesses in our communities
  • Machinery Trader section with hundreds of listings of used machinery.
  • Hundreds of products and services advertised monthly.

Contact us and mention this ad on Plain News to receive a FREE sample copy.
717.362.1118 ext. 3,
USA subscription rates are $30 for 1 year, $48 for 2 years, or $90 for 5 years.
CANADA subscription rates are $50 for 1 year or $90 for 2 years.
Taylored Designs | Chambersburg, Pa. (see LINK or page 4 of attachment)
We provide Custom Quality Cabinetry at Semi-Custom Pricing!

  • Aspect Cabinetry
  • Shiloh Cabinetry
  • Eclipse Cabinetry

We provide custom quality cabinetry at semi-custom pricing! Let's start our creative journey right away. Brochures Available.
To make an appointment or for any general inquiries call: 717-446-9677
Abiding Peace Virtual School (see LINK or page 5 of attachment)
Abiding Peace Virtual School serves/has served parents and students in the foreign countries of Canada, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Kenya, Romania, Ukraine, as well as parents and students in eight states of the United States. It serves both families and schools to provide high school classes as needed. Not all students are privileged with in-person high school learning opportunities for various reasons. Abiding Peace Virtual School offers the next best option.
Check our website for more information or call 817-648-1863 to investigate further. We are here to serve where we can.
For Rent: Dairy or Horse Facilities and House nestled in beautiful Brush Valley, Centre County, PA

54 tie stall dairy with 59 free stalls for heifers and dry cows.  Feed and pasture provided. Four silos with TMR mixer. Horse barn with 16 stalls and detached 60' x 120' indoor riding arena. Farmhouse has six bedrooms. We would be happy to sell the herd to a tenant, but would also consider selling elsewhere.  Hiring a herd manger vs. selling to a tenant would also be considered.  Cows currently averaging 85#.
Tim & Joelle Breneman | 465 Back Road, Rebersburg, PA 16872 | 814-349-8289
New book! | Grace Press (also, see LINK or page 6 of attachment)
The Scriptures Preserved and Translated by Dale A. Burkholder is not a storybook. Yet in its pages you will meet great men of the past and see how they impacted the history of the English Bible. Learn to know men like Erasmus, Wycliffe, and Gutenberg. Follow William Tyndale as he heads to Germany to finish his translation of the New Testament. Hear Miles Smith describe his and his fellow translators’ goals in making their new translation—the King James Version. Study the history of the German and Dutch Bibles, which the Anabaptists cherished and read for centuries. Look at the many full-color illustrations of God’s Word moving from scrolls to glosses to books. Trace the timelines to gain a feel of God’s work across history. Highly educational.
Published by Grace Press. 2175 Division Highway, Ephrata, PA 17522-8967. Ph. 717-354-0475  Fax 717-355-0709

Wagner’s Coins & Collectibles
Buying and selling U.S. & foreign Coins, Tokens, Medals, Currency and Precious Metals
(209) 480-0850 or email
Alight Design (also, see LINK or page 7 of attachment)
Alight Design
 is a home-based studio in Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines. We offer layout and graphic design for a wide range of publications and printing projects.
• Signs and logos
• Advertising materials
• Book and catalog layout
• Presentation materials
• Classroom materials
• And more
Our desire is to glorify God and keep ourselves unspotted from the world. To this end, we have chosen not to design websites. Also, if a layout job outsourced to us requires web-based content, we will ask our client to provide this content.
Contact us today for samples, information, rates, or estimates.
Alight Design. Expect something exceptional.
Come relax in the mountains – Peaceful Couple Chalet (see LINK or page 8 of attachment)
Welcome to our cabin located at 735 Jacks Mountain Road Fairfield, PA 17320.
Fully equipped with basic amenities. Contact us for pricing and availability.
Phone: 717-377-9353 | Email:

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