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Clothing baler and sorting conveyors for sale. (for pictures, see LINK or attachment)
Is your church or charitable organization involved in sending relief goods overseas? Could you use some equipment specialized for baling clothing and blankets for this purpose? We have available two sorting conveyors and a specially built hydraulic baler that was designed for this purpose.
Our organization is no longer involved in this aspect of relief work, and we are looking for a new home for the equipment. Check out the attached file for more information and pictures.
Give me a call to discuss the equipment and the price. We are open to offers.
Mervin Brubacher Cell: 807-275-9400 Barwick Ontario, Canada
Sprayfoam Rig For Sale! Great business opportunity for your area.
(PMC) PH40 with 40K watt generator/power unit.
2 – 220 gal. tanks. An electric hose reel with 300’ hose.
2 – T-3 Graco transfer pumps. 20’ gooseneck insulated trailer.
(New rig cost $110,000.) Will sell for $80,000. OBO Call 270-537-3112
Book Auction Saturday March 18, 2023 @ 9AM (see
LINK or page 1 & 2 of attachment)
Bart Township Fire Co. 33rd Annual Building Material & Craft Sale 570+ Lot Book Auction. Located at 11 Furnace Rd Bart, Pa 17503.
Lots of rare & hard-to-find books! Absentee bids by phone (or mail) Call: 717-789-7026
For the complete book catalog see LINK or send an email to [email protected] or call 570-497-0307

We are looking for retail locations anywhere in the USA that would like to sell this product.
Hardware, lawn and garden, greenhouses, tree growers, landscapers. For more information. Phone: 717-229-9600 Ext. Ben email: [email protected]
Offering internet services for any online needs
, including: emailing, online research for any interests, online buying and selling, form filling and filling, I can get any answers you need, and much more. Call or fax now for prompt, attentive service! Phone: 717-446-9677 Fax: 717-312-8919
Sharpening Shop Equipment Sellout. (see
LINK or pages 3 & 4 of attachment)
Home-business opportunity. Everything you need. Machines for Carbide Saws, Routers, Shapers, Straight Knives, Scissors, Drill Bits, Chainsaws, Mowers, and More. $7800 Takes all. Negotiable piece by piece. Juniata County, PA. Call or Text 717-247-8338
What Is Fraud? It’s Intentional Deception to Secure Unfair or Unjust Gain (also see LINK or page 5 of attachment)
Fraud Aware is a conservative Anabaptist resource for fraud identification, education, and prevention.
Contact us today for a free literature packet!
Our literature packet includes booklets on Identifying illegal investments and warnings about investment frauds among us. There are stories written by victims of recent scams and notes from a public meeting with the FBI. Also included is information on phone scams, gift card scams, and business scams. Learn how scammer’s use intimidation, fear, and untraceable payment methods. And how they pretend to be someone you trust while creating a sense of urgency. Some of this information can be downloaded from, or contact us today to request our free literature packet!
Fraud Aware PO Box 34 Ephrata Pa 17522
[email protected] | phone and text 717-740-2790 | fax 717-222-5266
New Book - The Baby Who Couldn’t Stay (also see 
LINK or page 6 of attachment)
Have you, or someone near to you, experienced grief? Maybe your child is having a difficult time understanding why some baby couldn’t stay. This simple story of parents walking with their children through this hard time is such a good read.
Place your order at 402-874-1188 or [email protected]
Subscribe to Plain Communities Business Exchange (PCBE) to receive a monthly business magazine consisting of 400+ pages filled with articles and advertisements catering towards the conservative Anabaptist communities. (see LINK or page 7 of attachment)
Our mission is to provide plain communities with Kingdom-focused business teachings and helpful connections through a monthly print magazine.
Some of the things you’ll find in PCBE.

  • Ongoing series of Leroy Martin’s travels to Latin America.
  • Articles with useful business advice.
  • Interviews with unique and interesting businesses in our communities
  • Machinery Trader section with hundreds of listings of used machinery.
  • Hundreds of products and services advertised monthly.

Contact us and mention this ad on Plain News to receive a FREE sample copy.
717.362.1118 ext. 3, [email protected]
USA subscription rates are $30 for 1 year, $48 for 2 years, or $90 for 5 years.
CANADA subscription rates are $50 for 1 year or $90 for 2 years.
Come relax in the mountains – Peaceful Couple Chalet (see LINK or page 8 of attachment)
Welcome to our cabin located at 735 Jacks Mountain Road Fairfield, PA 17320.
Fully equipped with basic amenities. Contact us for pricing and availability.
Phone: 717-377-9353 | Email: [email protected]
Plain Talent Connection - Providing an Employment Recruitment Service for the Plain People (see LINK or page 9 of attachment)
Are you looking for a job? Businesses, do you want to hire? Plain Talent Connection serves the plain community by connecting businesses within the plain community who are looking to hire, with job seekers within the plain community.
How does it work?
1. Businesses within the plain community post jobs on Plain Talent Connection.
2. Plain Talent Connection advertises with a focus to reach the plain people across the nation and beyond.
3. Plain people seeking jobs see the Plain Talent Connection advertisement and connect their talent with businesses.
To post a job listing, or to see current job openings, go to
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 1-833-206-6350
Abiding Peace Virtual School (see LINK or page 10 of attachment)
Abiding Peace Virtual School serves/has served parents and students in the foreign countries of Canada, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Kenya, Romania, Ukraine, as well as parents and students in eight states of the United States. It serves both families and schools to provide high school classes as needed. Not all students are privileged with in-person high school learning opportunities for various reasons. Abiding Peace Virtual School offers the next best option.
Check our website for more information or call 817-648-1863 to investigate further. We are here to serve where we can.
A Fresh Look For Your House, Barn, Or Garage? (see LINK or page 11 and 12 of attachment)
An increasing amount of people are looking for the longevity and durability of steel but they are getting weary of seeing that overwhelmingly normal Ag Panel look. 🙂 Here is a fresh option for Homeowners, Contractors, or Rollformers. Give us a call, let's talk. 888-202-0063
Pulse Innovations & Wellness (also, see 
LINK or page 13 of attachment)
Now offering Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field technology (PEMF). PEMF may provide relief for those with Lyme disease symptoms and muscle fatigue.  PEMF is thought to increase natural energy and enhance the body’s natural recovery process.
PEMF may:
   • Reduce Inflammation
   • Improves energy
   • Oxygenates Cells
   • Promotes Healing
   • Reduces Pain
For more info or to schedule an appointment, call Kelley Crider R.N. at 717-360-2791
Cumberland Valley Parochial Medical Center 411 S. Fayette St. Shippensburg, Pa. 17257
Wagner’s Coins & Collectibles
Buying and selling U.S. & foreign Coins, Tokens, Medals, Currency and Precious Metals
(209) 480-0850 or email [email protected]
Prairie Butchering Supplies (see LINK or page 14 of attachment)
Are you looking for a way to do your own butchering?  Choose from a selection of quality LEM equipment; collagen, natural, cellulose, and fibrous casings; fresh sausage seasonings, bolognas & smoked sausage seasonings, and a variety of summer sausage, wiener, snack stick, jerky, marinade, and rub seasonings.  Need bulk seasoning mixes?  We offer bulk, 50 LB boxes of any seasoning mix listed in our catalogue.  We also carry over 30 different spices, including whole, cracked, and ground black pepper.  We also stock MRT Tender Quick, cures, including all-natural Veg-A-Cure, and bacon & ham curing brines.  We ship to Canadian customers only. Call 204-772-7382, or email [email protected] to request a catalogue or to place your order.
US inquiries, please call Home Butchering Supplies @ 715-623-0055, or email them at [email protected]

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