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Hearts and Voices: A journal for all who sing or write hymns. (See LINK or page 1 of attachment for more information and subscription costs).
Our singing is important. How can we ensure that excellent hymnody will continue to bless this generation and future generations? Is it sufficient to sing only the tested and tried hymns? Or are new songs acceptable? Is everything labeled “Christian” acceptable? Hearts and Voices, published by Lamp and Light Publishers, Inc., attempts to maintain and enhance a vibrant singing tradition by thoughtfully examining the nature of good hymns and encouraging hymn writers to write lyrics and compose tunes. Each issue of this quarterly periodical includes new songs, teaching on the mechanics of music, and doctrinal articles are printed. Join with other Christian hymnwriters and singers in carrying on godly hymnody to the next generations. Fill out and mail the Subscription Form on page 1 of the attachment, or call Lamp and Light Publishers, Inc. at 505-632-3521 for information and subscription costs and mention Plain News.
New book from Christian Light: (see LINK or page 2 of attachment)
Adventures with Linny and Lammy is the fifth book in the Fehr Family series. Sharilyn does not like when people call her shy. She knows she isn’t as talkative as some of her friends, but that doesn’t make her shy, does it?
Order all five books in the series:
Order from Christian Light: Phone: 1-800-776-0478 | Website:
Request a free catalog:
Alight Design (see LINK or page 3 of attachment)
Alight Design is a team of conservative Anabaptist producers with a wide range of experience in graphic
design, publishing, curriculum development, and editorial work.
Looking to start a new business? Let Alight Design create your branding program.
Needing an advertising agent? We’ll assist you with brochures, business cards, newsletters, and more.
Wanting to publish a book? Let us take it from manuscript to attractive hard copies.
We do not design websites.
For advertising, logo production, and graphic design, email Mark Plett:
For typing and publishing services, contact Ezekiel Abulencia:

YOUR INVENTORY - YOUR WAY (see LINK or page 4 of attachment)
Stop trying to force your business into a mold that won't fit. Use a flexible inventory management solution that adapts to your unique needs.
Find out how custom software can help.
For better inventory management CALL (620) 209-4250
EMAIL: | FAX: (620) 301-8083
CodeCrafters International

Come relax in the mountains – Peaceful Couple Chalet (see LINK or page 5 of attachment)
Welcome to our cabin located at 735 Jacks Mountain Road Fairfield, PA 17320.
Fully equipped with basic amenities. Contact us for pricing and availability.
Phone: 717-377-9353 | Email:
COUPLES GETAWAY- Mahantango Cottage | Dauphin Co., PA (see LINK or page 6 of attachment)
This is a great place for a honeymoon, anniversary, or special occasion. Located in Northern Dauphin County, Mahantango Valley, this cottage offers a spacious porch, outdoor hot tub, patio with a firepit and pergola, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom with a jacuzzi and king size bed. A stocked trout stream flows in front of the cottage. Activities include fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Kayak the stream to the Susquehanna River for a relaxing 4.5-mile adventure.  Reserve your Getaway.
Call: 717-409-9884
LAUREL CREEK LODGE | Millersburg, Ohio (see LINK or page 7 of attachment)
Gather at the lodge with family, friends, ministry team, or board members!
13 bedrooms plus 3 RV pads with full hook-ups. Wide range of amenities include: Large dining room and fully-stocked kitchen | Two ponds | Volleyball court | Rec room | Swing set | 5-person peddle boat.
We can send our web pages of photos, prices, and much more to your email address. CALL/TEXT: 330.676.5300 | Email: | Website:
Abiding Peace Virtual School (see LINK or page 8 of attachment)
Abiding Peace Virtual School provides high school classes for those without ready access to a brick and mortar high school. Wherever the internet is available and stable around the world, we can provide high school classes from an Anabaptist perspective. We serve both individuals and schools with our high school classes. Check our website for our class offerings. Particular class offerings are dependent upon sufficient class enrollment. We are now accepting enrollments for the 2023-2024 school year.
Contact Chester Weaver at 817-648-1863 for details.
The Law Office of Josiah Heagy | Sugarcreek, Ohio (see LINK or page 9 of attachment)
Serving the Conservative Anabaptist Community from a Conservative Anabaptist Perspective.
Providing services in the areas of LLCs, Wills and Estate Planning, Elder Law, 501(c)3’s, and Business Succession Planning.
A helping hand with life’s difficult decisions, helping you navigate the legal system in the context of your beliefs and values.
Josiah Heagy Counselor at Law (330) 549-7788 4003 Ragersville Rd SW, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681.
Licensed to practice law in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri.
Offering internet services for any online needs
, including: emailing, online research for any interests, online buying and selling, form filling and filing, I can get any answers you need, and much more. Call or fax now for prompt, attentive service! Phone: 717-446-9677 Fax: 717-312-8919
Wagner’s Coins & Collectibles
Buying and selling U.S. & foreign Coins, Tokens, Medals, Currency and Precious Metals
(209) 480-0850 or email
Starlight Unlimited LLC (see 
LINK or page 10 of attachment)
Starlight Unlimited LLC is a phone service provider business looking to expand their Dealer Network across the US. We specialize in selling Conservative Phones and service to the Anabaptist communities across America. Currently we are looking for dealers to sell our plain Flip phones that are locked down to your specs. We have the option of Talk and text only or Talk, text and limited data.
If you or someone you know is interested in selling and advertising these phones for us, let us know! We have a dealer system in place where you get paid per month depending on how many lines you have active that month. Make a profit on the phone sale plus on the monthly service as well!
For more info call Chris 518-949-1616 or e-mail:
Subscribe to Plain Communities Business Exchange (PCBE) to receive a monthly business magazine consisting of 400+ pages filled with articles and advertisements catering towards the conservative Anabaptist communities. (see LINK or page 11 of attachment)
Our mission is to provide plain communities with Kingdom-focused business teachings and helpful connections through a monthly print magazine.
Some of the things you’ll find in PCBE.

  • Ongoing series of Leroy Martin’s travels to Latin America.
  • Articles with useful business advice.
  • Interviews with unique and interesting businesses in our communities
  • Machinery Trader section with hundreds of listings of used machinery.
  • Hundreds of products and services advertised monthly.

Contact us and mention this ad on Plain News to receive a FREE sample copy.
717.362.1118 ext. 3,
USA subscription rates are $30 for 1 year, $48 for 2 years, or $90 for 5 years.
CANADA subscription rates are $50 for 1 year or $90 for 2 years.
Plain Talent Connection - Providing an Employment Recruitment Service for the Plain People (see LINK or page 12 of attachment)
Are you looking for a job? Businesses, do you want to hire? Plain Talent Connection serves the plain community by connecting businesses within the plain community who are looking to hire, with job seekers within the plain community.
How does it work?
1. Businesses within the plain community post jobs on Plain Talent Connection.
2. Plain Talent Connection advertises with a focus to reach the plain people across the nation and beyond.
3. Plain people seeking jobs see the Plain Talent Connection advertisement and connect their talent with businesses.
To post a job listing, or to see current job openings, go to
Email: | Phone: 1-833-206-6350

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