Transcribing Services Available

| December 16, 2023 | 0 Comments
  • Sermons. Do you have wedding sermons or funeral sermons or other special sermons that you would like to have in print? They can be transcribed if you can provide audio recordings.
  • Business meetings. Transcriptions for recorded speeches for business seminars and business meetings.
  • Interview for books. The preliminary steps for writing a story book often involves interviews with the story characters that provide information. Round table discussions can be put in print for the book author to have as facts and dates to work with when writing the book.
  • Family history. Or perhaps just for the benefit of your family, when you interview Grandma or Great Uncle John, you can just record what answers he gives to your questions or what stories he tells, and you can preserve it in writing for generations to come. One good time for this might be your upcoming Christmas gatherings.

Pricing runs around $1 per 70 words.  If interested, send an email to Emily at or send a text message, Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, or CloudVeil to phone number (814) 795-1855. Emily has 13 years of experience and has a reputation for doing accurate, reliable work.

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