Should Christians Get Involved In Civil Government? Article 1

| February 14, 2024 | 0 Comments

Dear Subscribers,

2024 is an election year and, as usual, the pressure is on for Christians to go to the polls and vote. Historically, Anabaptists and similar groups have concluded that Christians should not be involved in civil politics.

Recently an Amish minister was talking with one of our subscribers and he wept as he explained that Amish are under great pressure to vote (by those who post billboards and ads in farming papers and those who support the idea of voting as a “civic duty”). The minister’s observation was that many Anabaptists don’t have good reasons for why Christians shouldn’t participate in civil politics. He is looking for resources that explain why Christians should not become involved in the kingdoms of this world.

Over the next number of months, we plan to publish articles that support the historic position against Christians being involved in civil government and self-defense. Some of these we have published in the past. If you know of a good article that we may want to publish, please send it our way.

Let’s be faithful ambassadors of the kingdom that is not of this world and invest our energies on behalf of the heavenly kingdom that will never have an end.

Thank you,
Ernest Eby | Managing Editor

Attached/linked is the first article in this series: Why We Do Not Vote

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