Anabaptist History Course 2024

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Are you interested in Anabaptist history? Here is an opportunity to learn more.

During 2024, Edsel Burdge, Jr., will be teaching a ten-session course on the sixteenth and seventeenth century Believer-Baptizers (often referred to as Anabaptists). The classes will run once a month from February to November at Shippensburg Christian Fellowship. The format will be lectures with power point. Each lecture will be an hour long with questions to follow.

All meetings are on a Thursday and begin at 7:30 p.m.
Everyone is welcome!

Phone Conference Line for Shippensburg Christian Fellowship: 712-432-8773, Pin # 19862012
The livestream link is
February 22 – Reformation Beginnings, 1500-1525: Catholicism, Luther, Karlstadt, Müntzer, and Zwingli
View Slides 2-22-24
Watch/Listen to the Recording: Youtube
March 28 – Beginning of Believers’ Baptism in Zurich, 1525-1527: Grebel, Manz, and Blaurock
View Slides 3-28-24
Livestream: Youtube
April 18 – Schleithem Articles and the Swiss Brethren, 1527-1545: Michael Sattler and Hans Denck
View Slides 4-18-24
Livestream: YouTube
May 16 – Believers’ Baptism in Southwest Germany & Austria, 1525-1545: Hubmaier, Hut, and Marpeck
June 20 – The Hutterites in Tyrol and Moravia, 1526-1600: Jacob Hutter, Peter Riedman, and Peter Walpot
July 18 – Beginning of Believers’ Baptism in the Netherlands, 1530-1535: Melchoir Hoffman, Münsterites, Obbe Philips
August 15 – Menno Simons Rescues the Dutch Doopsgezinde, 1536-1561
September 19 – Dutch Doopsgezinde Divisions, 1561-1600: Dirk Philips, Adam Pastor, Incarnation, and the Ban
October 17 – Swiss Brethren Survival, 1545-1614: The Ausbund, Strasburg Discipline, Frankental Disputation, and Hans Landis
November 21 – The Martyrs Mirror: The Defenseless Christians who Baptize upon Confession of Faith.

See this link for a flyer and more information.
The History of the Believer - Edsel Burdge Jr.

Edsel Burdge, Jr.
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