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Deacon & Trustee Seminar in Ephrata, PA (see LINK or page 1 of attachment)
If you are a church leader or serve on a financial committee, Anabaptist Financial invites you to attend our Deacon & Trustee Seminar on July 16, 2024 in Ephrata, PA. The goal of this seminar is to support the church in working redemptively with those in financial difficulty and inspiring a stewardship mindset during prosperity. There is no charge to attend this seminar, but please register by July 2 so we can be sure to have adequate resources. For more information or to register, call 267-368-4628.
IMPAC Communication Conference (also, see LINK or page 2 of attachment)
Does the thought of public speaking bring anxiety? Many times, our anxiety about public speaking is a result of our lack of confidence about what we want to say and why we want to say it. Join our 3-day workshop to learn essential steps of preparing and delivering a message with confidence. Christ-centered with Anabaptist values, our conference is for anyone who engages in public speaking, especially teachers, pastors, team leaders, salesmen and others.
Ephrata, PA - June 26-29, 2024
Hutchison, KS – Oct. 8-11, 2024
Visit our website for upcoming conference dates and locations.
Phone: (610) 914-1608
Rick Rhodes
Daryl Weaver
Deacon & Trustee Seminar in Dayton, VA (see
LINK or page 3 of attachment)
If you are a church leader or serve on a financial committee, Anabaptist Financial invites you to attend our Deacon & Trustee Seminar on July 18, 2024 in Dayton, VA. The goal of this seminar is to support the church in working redemptively with those in financial difficulty and inspiring a stewardship mindset during prosperity. There is no charge to attend this seminar, but please register by July 4 so we can be sure to have adequate resources. For more information or to register, call 267-368-4628.
New for 2024!
 9 piece Inspirational gift puzzles available! 2 themes to choose from! (see LINK or page 4 of attachment) Stores please contact Ph 717‑586‑6043 or Email for wholesale pricing.  1 case contains 21 puzzles.
Free shipping in the U.S. on wholesale orders till June 29th 2024!
All retail orders, please contact Twilight Books & More
Ph: 717‑915‑9554 E:  Fax: 717‑256‑7953
Prosynergy Marketing
Struggling to keep your website up to date? Interested in exploring how social media can help your business reach more people? We understand there are many challenges in business but marketing doesn't have to be one for you. We look forward to hearing from you!
Prosynergy Marketing and Prosynergy Bookkeeping are part of the Prosynergy group that is run by 4 people. A local believer in India and 3 young men from the USA who moved their families to India with a Business As Mission vision to provide employment opportunities there. You will be supporting a good cause and receiving excellent service when you choose to avail yourself of their expertise. 
Websites: from $1200 - Social Media Marketing: from $500/mo - Paid ads management:  $250/mo & 9% of ad spend
Need some other marketing service? Ask!
Get in touch:
Email: | Call & Leave a Voicemail (include your time zone/location and a convenient time to call back): 1-508-446-3877  | Schedule a Zoom call: | Visit our website:
Twilight Books And More
 has over 1250 book titles available for all ages! (see LINK or page 5 & 6 of attachment).
We strive to keep our books family friendly, and have various categories. We released a 140 page Winter catalog in November of 2023, and if you have not seen this catalog, we’d be happy to send one to you!
We also have Gift Certificates, I Care cards, NEW Inspiration gift puzzles, Tweevo drinkware, Bookmarks, Bible covers. We have recently added floor puzzles, and 300-to-1,000-piece Puzzles!
Our goal is to provide families with sound reading material as promptly as we can. Customer service and keeping inventory in stock are a high priority for us, and we hope to continually improve in these areas. Contact us today to place your order, and we will gladly ship it to you!
Ph 717‑915‑9554 E Fax 717‑256‑7953
New Children’s Stories From
Christian Light: (see LINK or page 7 of attachment)
Midnight Tea Party: Twenty stories about eight-year-old Rosy, written by Suellen J. Strite.
Not Made to Fly: Another collection of good stories from seasoned storyteller Romaine Stauffer.
Order from Christian Light: Phone: 1-800-776-0478 | Website: | Request a free catalog:
"Come ye apart and rest awhile" (see LINK or page 8 of attachment)
Spending some getaway time at the rustic Dogwood Cottage is an excellent opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. This simple but homey little cabin is very secluded and located near Blairsville, PA.
Call 724‑427‑9199 for reservations and more details.
COUPLES GETAWAY- Mahantango Cottage | Dauphin Co., PA (see LINK or page 9 of attachment))
This is a great place for a honeymoon, anniversary, or special occasion. Located in Northern Dauphin County, Mahantango Valley, this cottage offers a spacious porch, outdoor hot tub, patio with a firepit and pergola, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom with a jacuzzi and king size bed. A stocked trout stream flows in front of the cottage. Activities include fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Kayak the stream to the Susquehanna River for a relaxing 4.5-mile adventure.
Reserve your Getaway. Call: 717-409-9884
LAUREL CREEK LODGE | Millersburg, Ohio (see LINK or page 10 & 11 of attachment)
Gather at Laurel Creek Lodge for your next family reunion, winter church retreat, small-group seminar, pastoral team get-away, or ministry board retreat.
13 bedrooms with 30 beds plus 3 RV pads w/ full hook-ups. Wide range of indoor/outdoor amenities include: Fully-stocked kitchen | Two ponds | Turfed volleyball court | Recreational/game room | Swing set | 5-person peddle boat.
Visit our updated website with a pricing/availability calendar and direct booking link. If you don’t have internet access, request our 10-page flyer to be emailed to you.
CALL/TEXT: 330.676.5300 | Email: | Website:
Come relax in the mountains – Peaceful Couple Chalet (see LINK or page 12 of attachment)
Welcome to our cabin located at 735 Jacks Mountain Road, Fairfield, PA 17320.
Fully equipped with basic amenities. Contact us for pricing and availability.
Phone: 717-377-9353 | Email:
Group Filters for Churches and Businesses (see
LINK or page 13 of attachment)
Do you need an internet filter to serve a variety of users and devices? Try SafeSentry Pro today! We've fine-tuned and streamlined our group policies, making our content filters a friendly option for churches! Whether you choose our cloud-based internet filter or our onsite appliance, we can make it easy to manage filter policies for large numbers of devices.
Speak with our friendly sale team today.
eMyPeople | | 717-277-0200 |
Is your sales team overwhelmed by redundant work? (see
LINK or page 14 of attachment)
For several years, Jerry had sold equipment for Acme. He worked hard, but the company’s disorganization bugged him. He’d spend hours patching quotes together with screenshots and cut-and-paste.  He also got tired of doing work on the front end of a sale that he’d have to repeat on the back end. Why does it have to be so complicated, he thought.
Eventually, he quit and took a position with Northeast Farm Equipment.
Every new job comes with questions that only time can answer. Jerry wondered what he would find – would Northeast have a better system for sales? Would life get any easier?
Contact us for the rest of Jerry’s story.
Silverloom software can assist you with each step of your customer’s journey. Scan the QR code or email us for the rest of Jerry’s story.
620-209-4250 |
Koble - One system to control inventory, sell product, connect financials (see LINK or page 15 of attachment)
Spending too much time tracking what is happening in your business? Simplify your inventory management, automate sales processes, and enhance your accounting and customer service operations with Koble’s tried and true ERP.
For over 30 years we have been helping small businesses overcome growth challenges and build forward with confidence. With an on-premise, customizable system that works no matter the internet connection or quality, our system is built for the way you do business.
Interested in learning more? 717-442-3247 |
Wagner’s Coins & Collectibles
Buying and selling U.S. & foreign Coins, Tokens, Medals, Currency and Precious Metals
(209) 480-0850 or email
Become a Builder for Urban Sheds!
You can join our builder's network and start building sheds as a freelance craftsman in your community. We want to expand into new cities. You can start new or just add sheds to your current handyman business. Our mission is to support Anabaptist ministry by providing a plug-and-play system to get you building sheds with little hassle. All sheds are built on-site to foster creativity and relationships. Jeremy Horning, Joe Wine, and Tim Kuepfer manage the company. We currently have builders in Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta. We hold regular Zoom calls to talk about sales, craftsmanship, and how to do business in a way that honors God. Want to join the cohort?
Email Tim at and we'll send you the builder's handbook.
To see what we build explore our Website
LINK or page 16 of attachment) just launched in October. A magazine that will feel like a breath of fresh air. Covering topics such as Nutrition, Hormones, Genetic Diseases, Sleep, Babies, Seniors, Homesteading, Saving money on Family Healthcare, and many more. See our attached ad for more information, contact info, and to see if you qualify for a free one year subscription.
Please contact Our Health @ or call us at 715-873-3440
Friday Night Stargazer (also see LINK or page 17 of attachment) News about stars, planets, meteor showers, eclipses, and more. One year, six issues, $24. Sample copy $4.
Contact Dogwood Graphics, PO Box 70, Stark City, MO 64866. Phone 417‑371‑9740 (leave message) or email:
Subscribe to Plain Communities Business Exchange (PCBE) to receive a monthly business magazine consisting of 400+ pages filled with articles and advertisements catering towards the conservative Anabaptist communities. (see LINK or page 18 of attachment)
Our mission is providing plain communities with Kingdom-focused business teachings and helpful connections through a monthly print magazine.
Some of the things you’ll find in PCBE:

  • Articles with real-life lessons from seasoned businessmen.
  • Articles with useful business advice.
  • Interviews with unique and interesting businesses in our communities
  • Machinery Trader section with hundreds of listings of used machinery.
  • Hundreds of products and services advertised monthly.

Contact us and mention this ad on Plain News to receive a FREE sample copy.
717.362.1118 ext. 3,
USA subscription rates are $35 for 1 year, $60 for 2 years, or $125 for 5 years.
CANADA subscription rates are $60 USD for 1 year.
Laser Edge Engraving & Gifts (also see LINK or page 19 of attachment)
Now offering good quality children’s books designed from an Anabaptist perspective. All books offer German, English and Spanish on the same page to help your children broaden their language skills. Wholesale or Retail orders accepted. Shipping in Canada or USA.
Contact us today at 855‑586‑5486 | | Fax 519-544-5505
Prosynergy Bookkeeping (also, see LINK or page 20 of attachment)
Small Business Owners: Are you falling behind on Bookkeeping? Get the peace of mind that comes with error-free books and reports that accurately show your business health. We offer catch-up, cleanup, and weekly & monthly bookkeeping packages so you can focus on running your company without having to worry about the books.
Prosynergy Bookkeeping is run by two brothers from Virginia who moved their families to India to make a kingdom impact and provide employment opportunities there. You will be supporting a good cause and receiving excellent service when you choose to work with them.
Cleanup: $380 - Basic Monthly Bookkeeping: $285/month - Premium Weekly Bookkeeping: $475/month - Payroll: $10/employee/pay period
Get in touch:
Email: | Call & Leave a Voicemail (include your time zone/location and a convenient time to call back): 1-339-241-1285  | Schedule a Zoom call: | Visit our website:
Beautiful business websites by Zimmerman Design (see LINK or page 21 of attachment)
We are passionate about creating beautiful designs that impact those for whom they are intended. We have years of experience in design and marketing, and we will put that experience to work for you, building websites from simple informational sites to complex eCommerce sites or applications requiring custom code. We understand that it can look daunting to wade into the online space, but we can make it easy. Zimmerman also offers a full range of other marketing products, such as branding/logos, photography, and printed materials.
Zimmerman Design | 606.448.9948 | email: | visit:
Starlight Unlimited LLC (see LINK or page 22 of attachment)
Starlight Unlimited LLC is a phone service provider business looking to expand their Dealer Network across the US. We specialize in selling Conservative Phones and service to the Anabaptist communities across America. Currently we are looking for dealers to sell our plain Flip phones that are locked down to your specs. We have the option of Talk and text only or Talk, text and limited data.
If you or someone you know is interested in selling and advertising these phones for us, let us know! We have a dealer system in place where you get paid per month depending on how many lines you have active that month. Make a profit on the phone sale plus on the monthly service as well!
For more info call Chris 518-949-1616 or email:
Compass Foundation provides solutions for your filtered internet needs. (see LINK or page 23 of attachment)

  • DrawBridge Edge Router to protect and secure entire networks.
  • Daystar Email for private portable email service.
  • Orbit Mobile Device Management for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Vision Android Phone and Tablet Management.
  • Sonim Rugged Basic Phones.

“Technology in Defense of Christian Living”
Do you provide Tech solutions to the Plain Community?  Ask about our reseller options.
Phone: 856-974-5335 | or
The Easiest Way to Learn a New Language (see 
LINK or page 24 of attachment)
Surrounded by Sanish voices?
Looking for a worthwhile brain exercise?
Learn Spanish on the telephone in only 10 minutes a day.

How’s your German?
Do you struggle to understand the High German in church services?
Start improving it today. What if German were as easy as English?
Try it out today for FREE! Call the Pedagogue Learning Center at 234‑565‑7799 for Spanish enter referral number *91522 and German *92522
Abiding Peace Virtual School  (see LINK or page 25 of attachment)
Do you need a high school teacher? The Abiding Peace Virtual School offers high school subjects from an Anabaptist perspective on its virtual platform. We can help smaller schools provide high school classes when in-person teachers are not available. We also provide high school classes for individual home school students who could benefit from teacher instruction and direction. The virtual school is open to prospective students for the 2024-2025 school term. Enroll now. Check our website at to learn about our offerings. Or call Chester Weaver at 817‑648‑1863 with questions.
Plain Talent Connection - Providing an Employment Recruitment Service for the Plain People (see LINK or page 26 of attachment)
Are you looking for a job? Businesses, do you want to hire? Plain Talent Connection serves the plain community by connecting businesses within the plain community who are looking to hire, with job seekers within the plain community.
How does it work?
1. Businesses within the plain community post jobs on Plain Talent Connection.
2. Plain Talent Connection advertises with a focus to reach the plain people across the nation and beyond.
3. Plain people seeking jobs see the Plain Talent Connection advertisement and connect their talent with businesses.
To post a job listing, or to see current job openings, go to
Email: | Phone: 1-833-206-6350
The Law Office of Josiah Heagy | Sugarcreek, Ohio (see LINK or page 27 of attachment)
Serving the Conservative Anabaptist Community from a Conservative Anabaptist Perspective.
Providing services in the areas of LLCs, Wills and Estate Planning, Elder Law, 501(c)3’s, and Business Succession Planning.
A helping hand with life’s difficult decisions, helping you navigate the legal system in the context of your beliefs and values.
Josiah Heagy Counselor at Law (330) 549-7788 4003 Ragersville Rd SW, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681.
Licensed to practice law in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

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