About Us

Who Are We?
We are a business that serves the conservative Anabaptist community by offering filtered news and resources via 10+ categories. We are children of God who live out our Christianity in the context of the conservative Anabaptist faith tradition. Sometimes we are referred to as "the Plain people."
Who are “the Plain people”?
Plain people is the term often given to conservative Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites, Brethren, and others who attempt to follow Jesus in community and seek to avoid ungodly influences that corrupt people's hearts and minds. Plain people typically wear simple, modest clothing; avoid participation in national politics; refrain from military service, and strive to do good to all men out of love and obedience to Christ.

Our Mission:
To encourage Christian care and concern for others, build awareness of needs around the world, provide an outlet for Plain writers, and provide clean reading material for adults and teens.

Plain News is a family run business that serves the conservative Anabaptist community by providing filtered news and articles.

Ernest Eby | Manager