Anabaptist Hospitality is a group of Christians who are willing to welcome traveling guests into their homes on a donation basis. The purpose of Anabaptist Hospitality is to provide kindness, friendship, and connection to like-minded believers and those seeking to follow Jesus faithfully. See LIST of locations.

Hosts are Anabaptist or similar Christians who practice separation from the world, modest dress, head-covering for women, nonresistance, marriage for life, simplicity of life, etc.
Hosts provide their names, their city and state, and the name of their congregation or church affiliation. Hosts list what they have available for guests to use: How many beds or bedrooms, shared or private bath, cots, cribs, etc. and whether their rooms are wheelchair accessible. You can also add your name to this listing if you have a place for campers/RVs but do not have beds available. A short bio would be nice but not really necessary. How many children? are there any at home yet? your line of work? etc. Hosts provide a contact phone number, stating whether to call and/or text. An e-mail address is also satisfactory. A full address is given to guests after contact is made. Hosts are welcome to ask potential guests for references before agreeing to host.
(Hosts may want to establish a dedicated email address for this purpose.  Then, if their schedule is full for the month or wish to take a break for certain months of the year, they can set up an automatic reply for inquiries about availability. (e.g. "We are sorry that our calendar is full for July and August, but feel free to check with us again in the future!") Hosts should not feel obligated to provide accommodations more times per month than what is good for them and their family and may want to set some boundaries accordingly.


We suggest a nightly donation of $10-$15 per adult and $2-$5 per child depending on the age of the child. If meals are served, you may want to consider donating $3 per adult and $1-2 per child. A hostess gift instead of or in addition could be a thoughtful act of thankfulness and appreciation. The hosts are sharing their home, space, time, and resources with you as a guest. Hosts are not expected to provide rides or act as tour guides for guests. But most hosts will likely be helpful with suggestions for local points of interest or where to find services if needed. Guests who have considerable earthly possessions, but enjoy fellowship with new people are encouraged to tip the hosts proportionately.  Guests who use this hospitality service agree to be respectful of their hosts beliefs and values to the best of their knowledge.


Hosting information can be sent to or faxed to 814-470-8885.
If someone is stranded or wants to inquire about hospitality options not found on the PDF, they can join the CloudVeil group, Anabaptist Hospitality, and make their request known.  Hundreds of people will see the notice and may have something to suggest.



Daniel and Virginia Kuhns
La Palma Mennonite Church - Nationwide Fellowship
Small guest house with 2 bedrooms. 1 with queen bed and 1 with double bed. 3/4 bath, kitchenette with refrigerator and hot plate. Laundry room with washer, no dryer. Wheelchair could work, but would be tight fit. Crib available. Children could sleep in main house if needed.
Camper that can sleep 5, has RV hookup.
Also willing to share meals with guests if needed.
We have 7 children, 1 married, and the other 6 at home. Ages 8-24.
Dan's work is truss design, working remotely for a shop in MI.
Call: Dan: 505-486-5071 or Virginia: 505-486-2503


Mountain View
Agapé Christian Fellowship- Very similar to Beachy Amish
One bedroom and bath in main house. Several sofas and floor space as well. Available all year. One bedroom apartment. Fully furnished and plenty of floor space. Available only September through May. Both are wheelchair accessible. We are a lively family of 7.
Jason: 870-213-5208 or Jessica: 870-615-3440


Caleb Jenkins- 28 yrs old, single. | Old German Baptist Brethren Church - New Conference.
1 bedroom and an office that can convert to sleep space. Living room space and air mattress available as well. 1 shared bath w/ shower and 1 guest bath w/ tub.
Caleb is a tax accountant and QuickBooks consultant.
Call or text - 209-985-4381 or email -


Richard and Ruby Strite
Orchardville Mennonite Church - Eastern PA Mennonite Conference
Finished basement with 3 bedrooms. One has queen bed, one with double bed, and one with 2 single beds. Additional floor mattresses also available. One full bath, living room, refrigerator, and microwave. Not wheelchair accessible.
We are retired with no children living at home. We enjoy meeting new people.
Call or text: 618-214-1785 or 618-316-8743


John and Ruth Yoder
Christian Mission Fellowship - Beachy Amish
3 upstairs bedrooms, 2 with 1 full size bed each and 1 with a bunk bed. Pack-n-play and foams for floor beds also available. Private bath. Not wheelchair accessible.
We have 5 grown children. John works for the family mini barn business.


Merle and Irene Yoder
Center Amish Mennonite Church - Beachy Fellowship
2 upstairs bedrooms with double beds. One room also has toddler bed. Private bath upstairs. One room also has AC window unit.
1 downstairs bedroom with queen size futon. Shared bath downstairs.
Breakfast available by request.
We have three adult children, one living at home.
We do hay and row crop farming, custom silage chopping, and raise some cattle.
Call or text Irene: 620-664-8487


Allen and Edith Myers
Yarrowsburg Mennonite Church - Cumberland Valley Affiliation
Apartment with private entrance. One double bed and floor space for foam mattress for up to 2 children. Bath with shower. Refrigerator and microwave available for use.
Call or text: 301-432-4464.


Jonathan and Melanie Showalter | Three Rivers Christian Brotherhood, Conservative Unaffiliated Anabaptist.
1 bedroom with double bed and crib. Half bath and shower room close by. Floor space in adjacent office rooms. Adjacent to supply store. Wheelchair accessible. Commercial kitchen available for use or have meals with hosts.
Accommodations are available after business hours (6pm to 8am) M-F. Weekends are preferred, but weekdays are possible.
We are a beehive manufacturing business, employing 6 of our children, plus other employees. We also make wood pellets, do organic farming, & maple sugaring.
Call: 269-496-7885 or email:


Vernon and Mary Zeiset
Osage- Eastern PA Mennonite Church Group
1 bedroom in basement with queen bed and pak-n-play. Curtained corner with 2nd queen bed. Sitting area with hideaway bed sofa. Private bath with shower. Dining area supplied with breakfast and snacks. Other meals upon request. Play area for children.
Not wheelchair accessible.
We have 7 children, ages 3-18.
Vernon's occupation: painting & landscaping.
Call or text: 573-789-1942

Pierce City
Daniel and Mabel Schneider
One Faith, One Body Church
One bedroom with bed, and one bedroom with fold out couch. Additional floor space for beds. Shared bathroom. Not wheelchair accessible.
Willing to share meals and/or kitchen space.
We have a small produce farm, bakery and a machine shop. Market days take us away from home for the day.
We have one child.
Call: Daniel: 314-620-3602 or Mabel: 417-548-9101

Herman and Mary Schrock | Mennonite Christian Fellowship.
Private cabin in the woods. 1 bedroom downstairs w/ queen size bed. 2 double beds in the loft. Full bath with shower/tub. The kitchen area has no stove, a hot plate stored under the cabinet to use for cooking, plus an electric skillet. Towels and sheets are provided. Not wheelchair friendly.
Call or text: 417-437-5468 or email:

New York

Hoosick Falls
Jason and Eileen Reinford
Green Mountain Mennonite Fellowship in Bennington, VT - Nationwide Fellowship (a 20 minute drive for us).
2 basement bedrooms, 1 with queen bed and 1 with double bed. Full private bath. Not wheelchair accessible.
We welcome guests to have meals with us.
We raise puppies to sell. We also have a few chickens and ducks.
We have 9 children ages 3 to 19.
Jason is part owner of Creative Custom Woodcraft.
Call or text: 802-282-2232

Hoosick Falls
Thomas Seagrove lll
Green Mountain Mennonite Fellowship Church - Nationwide Fellowship.
I am a 32 yr old single man. I have a small house with an extra double bed. Lots of floor space for children. All in one room upstairs. Shared bathroom downstairs. Not wheelchair accessible.
I work for Creative Custom Woodcraft. I also have a woodworking hobby shop in the basement. I like to read and collect old books. I also enjoy bicycling.
Call: 518-833-4129

Hoosick Falls
Eric and Stella Zimmerman
Green Mountain Fellowship - Nationwide Fellowship.
3 upstairs bedrooms, one with king bed, one with a queen bed, and one with 2 single beds. Plus plenty of floor space for temporary beds. Private bath with shower. Sitting area with table and chairs but no kitchen. Tub available downstairs if needed. Located in a separate upstairs wing of the main house. Not wheelchair accessible.
Eric and Stella are the only people living on the property. They are willing to provide breakfast.
Call Eric: 518-695-6801

Lewin and Diane Martin
Still Waters Mennonite Church - Northeastern Conference.
1 bedroom with queen bed and pak-n-play. Adjacent living room with sofa and floor bed space or air mattress. Private bath
Not wheelchair accessible.
We welcome guests to have meals with us.
We live on a farmette with space to park a trailer or pop-up camper, etc. No RV hookups.
We have 5 children ages young teen to toddler.
We are close to both I-90 and I-86. Erie, PA is 45 min west and Niagra Falls is 90 min east.
Call or text: 301-491-6507 or email:

Neil and Esther Mohler
Old German Baptist Brethren Church
2 bedrooms with bed space for 6. A crib and floor space for sleeping bags.
Shared bath. Not wheelchair accessible.
We have 5 children ages 21 to 8 years old. The youngest, a son, is a special needs child. We also homeschool.
Neil is a self-employed woodworker. He makes kitchens and furniture. He also sells metal roofing, siding, & supplies.
Call: 585-495-9916 ( if no answer, please leave a message).


Daniel and Jane Martin
Clear Creek Mennonite Church - Wissler Conference
Guest house with 4 bedrooms. Plus bed and hide-a-bed in living room. One bath. Complete kitchen, except no dishwasher. All linens and and towels are provided.
We live on a cattle and grain farm.
We have 6 children, 3 are married and 3 single sons at home.
Call or text: 419-685-1635 (prefer text/call)

Big Prairie
David and Velma Leid
Chester Mennonite Church - Wisler Conference.
3 bedrooms upstairs and 1 shared bath. 2 bedrooms have 1 double and 1 single bed each. 3rd room has 1 double bed and a crib. There are currently ceiling fans but no AC.
Offer breakfast or other meals.
We have 7 children, one son living at home. David works for CAM. Velma is a homemaker.
Call: 330-201-6640 or email:

Paul and Dorcas Burkholder
Old Order Mennonite
Fully furnished guest house with one bedroom. Bedroom has a queen bed, toddler bed, and pack-n-play. Air mattress also available if needed. Living room, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen w/ stove and refrigerator. Four kayaks available to use on the creek right outside the house.
We have 4 children, ages 12,10,6,1.
We have a used construction equipment business and a small fabric store.
Call: 937-378-6039
Email: white

Ivan and Mary Mast
New Order Christian Fellowship
1 bedroom with a small table and chairs. Shared bath. Not wheelchair accessible. January - March: 2 bedrooms (whole apartment) w/someone always there (maid service).
Breakfast available. Private back porch (summer).
Double house with our son and family of 4 grown children live downstairs.
We own and operate Mast Country Sales. A sewing machine and mail order company.
There is also a bulk food store on the property with a deli and groceries.
Home phone:740-427-2428
Ivan's cell: 740-398-9917 (doesn't always work).
Office: 740-427-4700


Alvin and Elizabeth Hoover
Sherman's Valley Mennonite Church- Weaverland Conference
1 upstairs bedroom with queen bed and pak-n-play. 2nd room with plenty of room for floor beds. Shared bath. Not wheelchair accessible.
Willing to serve an allergy friendly meal if requested.
We live near 100's of acres of State Game Lands, also close to Central PA Haiti Benefit Auction. Usually the second weekend in August, every year.
We have 7 children, ages 3 to 12 yrs old.
Call or text: 717-205-7577

Danton and Faith Zeiset
Antrim-Eastern PA Mennonite Church Group
1 basement bedroom w/ double bed and private bath. Sitting area w/ hideaway bed sofa.
1 bedroom upstairs w/ queen bed and shared bath. Floor beds and pack-n-play also available. Meals upon request. Play area for children. Not wheelchair accessible.
We are a family of 7. Danton is partner & president of Zeiset Painting & Exteriors.
Call/text: 717-860-1687 or 717-504-9586

Phillip & Eva Mast | Living Hope Christian Fellowship.
We have an empty upstairs with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. 1 double bed and 3 single beds and a pak-n-play available, not wheelchair accessible.
We welcome guests to have meals with us.
We are a young couple in our twenties with a two-year-old son and infant daughter. Our home is conveniently located less than 10 minutes from highway 222 and I-76 (PA turnpike).
Call or text Eva: 717-940-7314

Kenneth and Maryann Burkholder
Pequea Mennonite Church - Weaverland Conference
2 basement bedrooms, 1 with queen bed and 1 with 2 single beds. Private entrance, bathroom, and kitchenette.
Not wheelchair accessible.
We have 6 children and 18 grandchildren. We enjoy meeting people and sharing what God has blessed us with.
Call: 717-471-3956

John and Velina Showalter | Washington/Franklin Conference.
2 upstairs bedrooms. 1 double bed, other room has 2 single beds + mattresses for the floor to accommodate up to 5 ppl. And 1 portable crib. Full private bath w/ shower & tub.
We have 8 children, all married. John works for Plastic Profiles in Greencastle.
Phone: calls only 717-593-0360 or email -

Sylvan and Lena Stoltzfus
Old Order Amish- Pine Creek District
1 full size upstairs bedroom with crib if needed. Full bathroom shared with teenage daughters. Not wheelchair accessible. But would be able to accommodate a wheelchair in downstairs bedroom if needed.
We have 5 children, ages mid-teens and younger ones still in school.
Sylvan is partner and president of Timberline Buildings LLC. And Lena is currently training for Midwifery.
Call: 570-682-8861 (leave message)

Steve and Janita Schuler
Schaefferstown Mennonite Church - Hope Fellowship
Basement apartment newly renovated in 2022 with A/C.
2 bedrooms with a queen bed in each. Plus open area large enough for queen air mattress. Bassinet, pack-n-play, and crib mattress available. Private bath with shower, full kitchen, and sitting area. Outside entrance, several steps down, not wheelchair accessible.
We have one child and Steve is an auctioneer.
Call or text: 315-209-0427

Dave and Martha Troyer
Shady Grove Mennonite Church - Beachy Amish/Mennonite Church.
We have 4 bedrooms all on the second floor. Accessible by stairs and a 3'x5' elevator for wheelchair use.
#1 Double bed, private handicap bathroom w/ roll in shower. And 32" door space.
#2 Queen bed and bath with tub/shower, shared with #3
#3 Queen bed and pack-n-play. Shared bath with #2.
#4 Queen bed and private bath w/ small shower.
We have 5 children, none of whom live here with us. One uses a wheelchair, but lives elsewhere.
Dave works from home for a framing contractor company. Martha enjoys quilting and cooking.
Call: 570-966-9711

Port Royal
Wilson and Marian Hoover | Sherman's Valley Mennonite Church, Weaverland Conference.
Basement: 5 steps down outside entrance. Not wheelchair friendly. 1 bedroom, sofa bed in living room - semi-private from kitchen. Bathroom with shower. Queen air mattress available as well.
We have 5 children ages 6 mo. - 10 yrs. Our farmette includes several kinds of animals. Wilson is a small engine mechanic, lawnmower sales/service.
Call or text: 717-866-5474 or email -

Eddie and Kathryn Martin | Fairmount Mennonite Church, Weaverland Conference.
Two bedrooms - sleeps up to 4. Shared bathroom. 3 cots and pak-n-play for babies. Bedrooms are not wheelchair accessible.
We have 4 children, 3 married and 1 at home. We live on a 105 acre farm. We have cattle and chickens.
Call or text: 717-475-5332

Darryl & Kaye Martin
Hopeland Mennonite Church - Weaverland Conference
Fully furnished basement apartment w/ private entrance. One bedroom w/ optional second bedroom curtained off sleeper sofa. Pack n play, & air mattresses available. One bathroom, fully furnished kitchen, private laundry room, spacious living room w/ fireplace. Not wheelchair accessible.
Darryl is an electrician.
We have 10 children, five are married, & 8 grandchildren.
Call or text: 717-471-4036 - Kaye

John and Thelma Brubacker
Shekinah Mennonite Church - North Eastern Conference.
Lightly furnished house. 1 bedroom on first floor with queen bed. Wheelchair accessible, including bathroom with shower. 1 large bedroom upstairs with double mattress. 1 smaller bedroom with several air mattresses. Total: 2 bathrooms with showers and 1 half bath. All appliances in kitchen, (stove, refrigerator, microwave, crockpots, etc.). Also several small tables. Coffee maker and supplies, some mugs and utensils. Heat and A/C
John job is working on houses (remodel/repair).
We are located close to Faith Builders (educational facility).
Call or text: 1-814-694-6942


Cumberland Furnace
Nelson and Laura Miller
Lighthouse Mennonite Church - Maranatha Affiliation
Countryside Retreat:
Main house: fully furnished basement with 2 bedrooms, one with queen and one with double, beds. One full bath. Air mattress available as well. Full kitchen and living room.
Additional spacious Airbnb barndomimium: 3 bedrooms, with queen beds. 2 full baths. Fully equipped kitchen and living room. Wheelchair friendly. And family friendly.
Call or text: 615-795-4813 or 615-795-4820


British Columbia

Russell and Julie Stephanson
Heartland Mennonite Brotherhood Church - Western Fellowship
3 children still at home.
Occupation: construction (stucco)
1 bedroom in basement with queen bed. Adjacent family room with hideaway bed and floor space. 2 full bathrooms, both shared. Extra refrigerator available for use in basement. Not wheelchair accessible.
Also room for RV set-up. Water and power (no septic) hook-up.
20 min to ID border and 2 hrs to Alberta.
Call or text: 604-825-9210

Joann McClinton | McBride Mennonite Church.
Cabin with 2 bedrooms w/ queen beds and full bath. Can also use the living room sofa and add a crib. 2 bedrooms in main house with 2 double beds and shared bathroom.
I'm the daughter of Wayne & Carol McClinton. We live together with my 3 foster children, ages 7, 6, & 4.We will always offer/serve breakfast. Dad Wayne is a farmer and builds cattle feeders.
We can be reached at: home- 1-250-569-8839. Cell phone: call/text- 1-250-569-7539 or email-