News Categories

Breaking News

What's happening around the world? (Short news briefs with links to the full article.) Expect this posting several times a week.

Business Ads

This is a way for plain individuals and businesses to offer their products and services to other plain people. Ads will be compiled and posted 2-4 times per month. We will avoid posting any advertisements that encourage consumerism and covetousness.

Plain Business Employment

This is a place for plain people to find work and a place for plain employers to request help. Expect a weekly or bi-weekly report.

Church News

This category reports on church related news including such things as Ordinations, Church Outreaches, and Natural Disasters Affecting Churches. We plan to post a weekly or bi-weekly compilation of church news.

Deaths, Funeral Arrangements, & Obituaries

The goal of this category is to provide this information as soon as possible so that persons interested in attending a viewing, visitation, or funeral can make travel arrangements. We also aim to provide an address where notes of sympathy can be sent. In cases of financial hardship resulting from a death, details for financial assistance will be included.


This category will inform readers of meetings designed to benefit God’s Kingdom. This information will be posted weekly.

Missions: Stories and Reports

This category is designed to keep readers informed of what God is doing outside our large plain communities. Mission reports and interesting stories and journals from plain missionaries will be collected. Submissions will be compiled and forwarded weekly or bi-weekly, unless the subject matter is urgent. Occasionally we will feature a few missions and provide information for how you can subscribe to their newsletters.

Singing and Music

Plain people are known for their commitment to a cappella singing and worshipful hymns. Expect a weekly or bi-weekly report once we begin receiving information.

Plain People News

This category reports on accidents not published by the public media. It also gives health updates on plain people who were injured in an accident, or people who are experiencing unusual illness.

Prayer Needs and Requests

Do you have time to intercede on behalf of needs around the world? This category will make you aware of situations that could use fervent prayer. Urgent prayer requests will be sent out as quickly as possible. Less urgent prayer requests may be held a few days or week and posted along with other prayer requests. Those who subscribe to this category will also receive occasional emails informing readers of other prayer lists that are open to subscribers.

Resources and Information

Plain people have protected themselves from some evils of society by avoiding the world’s media. However, plain people can often be gullible and naïve in matters where they should be more knowledgeable.

This category provides articles on business scams, investment traps, civil laws, safety practices, and other matters that plain people should be aware of.

This is also a category for articles that will keep alive plain traditions such as gardening, food preservation, home business, and agricultural based vocations.

Staffing Needs for Missions, Schools, and Voluntary Service units

Staff needs will be compiled and emailed weekly. In cases of urgent need, the request may be sent immediately. This news category will be especially helpful for individuals and families who are looking for opportunities to serve the Kingdom of God.

World News

For this category, our focus is to publish news articles that promote Kingdom living and Kingdom values. We intend for each article to have wholesome content and respect plain people’s values. We intend for this to be safe reading for teens.

Writings and Publications by Plain People

There are many good writings by plain people that never make it to the print shop. This category will include non-copyrighted compositions as well as copyrighted compositions with owner’s consent.

We will also be compiling a listing of periodicals published by plain people.