News Categories

Breaking News

What's happening around the world? (Short news briefs with links to the full article.) Expect this posting several times a week.

Business Ads by Plain People

Products & Services
This is a way for plain individuals and businesses to offer their products and services to other plain people. We avoid posting any advertisements that encourage consumerism and covetousness. We also avoid ads that make questionable health claims. Advertisers must be members of a plain church.

Employment Opportunities with Plain Business Employers

Help Wanted & Work Wanted
This is a place for people to find work and a place for Plain employers to request help.

Church News

Ordinations, Church Outreaches, Church meetings, etc.
This category reports on any church related news.

Deaths, Funerals, & Obituaries

The goal of this category is to provide funeral information as soon as we can. We rely on our subscribers to send us information as soon as possible. We like to publish addresses to which notes of sympathy or support can be sent.


Programs for Conferences, Regional Bible Schools, Seminars, Workshops, School Meetings, etc.
This category will inform readers of meetings designed to benefit God’s Kingdom. We do not publish chorus programs or concerts. We do not publish fundraising endeavors that do not appear to be in alignment with New Testament principles.


Mission reports & opportunities, staff needs, and school teacher needs.
This category is designed to keep readers informed and aware of various plain ministries. We also inform readers of ministry newsletters to which they can subscribe.

Music and Education

New songbooks, New Curriculum, Study Opportunities, etc.

Plain People News

News about plain people: links to public media articles, accident reports, status reports, unique illnesses, etc.

Prayer & Support

Do you have time to intercede on behalf of needs around the world? This category will make you aware of situations that could use fervent prayer. This category also provides awareness of large medical bills, material losses, and other needs that are a challenge for relatives and small communities to handle.


World News Articles, Book Reviews, Historical Stories, Inspirational Writings, etc.
There are many good writings by plain people that are never published. We hope to give exposure to some of these through Plain News. This category includes non-copyrighted compositions as well as copyrighted compositions with owner’s consent. We publish world news articles that promote Kingdom living and perspectives. Expect occasional articles on national or world politics. Sometimes we publish articles on business scams, investment traps, and safety practices. We intend for all articles to be safe reading for teens. Anyone is welcome to submit articles for publication.